Melee | Assassin | Attacker | Wild | Ganker
Khaimera is a high risk, high reward Melee fighter and a powerful duelist. Possessed by the Spirit of a Wild beast, Khaimera excels at ganking enemies and isolating prey. His feral instincts and thirst for battle makes him an absolute savage in skirmishes. Khaimera excels at ganking and isolating prey. When hunting, his "Ambush" allows him to quickly close the gap or to keep his target from escaping. His ultimate "Cull", will channel the full power of the beast, devastating his target and knocking enemies away, isolating his victim. When playing Khaimera look for opportunities to gank enemies out of position. Use "Ambush" to dive enemy backlines and single out key targets. Khaimera's ability to isolate targets, dueling power, sustain and ferocity make him a menace in teamfights.

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